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What is the Coupling Metrics Toolkit?

The Coupling Metrics Toolkit (CoMeT) brings together many commonly used land-atmosphere coupling metrics into a single, standardized set of Fortran 90 modules. Calculate everything from soil moisture retention over time, to the link between convective initiation and surface properties are available.

What is a 'Coupling Metric'?

Land-atmosphere coupling has come to mean quite a few things. Within the context of the Coupling Metrics Toolkit (CoMeT), land-atmosphere interactions follow the paradigm outlined by the Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo) Project as part of the Global Land-Atmosphere System Study Panel (GLASS) efforts under the Global Water and Energy Exchanges Project (GEWEX). Here land-atmosphere coupling metrics are intended to quantify process relationships between the land surface and atmosphere and attempt answer questions such as: 1) Do changes in soil moisture promote changes in cloud cover or precipitation? 2) Are positive or negative feedbacks produced by soil anomalies? By addressing these questions, improvements can be made to model processes and ultimately increase predictability of impactful phenomena, such as drought and where convection is likely to be triggered.

List of Available Metrics

Download from command line by typing:

git clone https://github.com/abtawfik/coupling-metrics.git

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